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Our mission at Scale Ethiopia is to foster the growth of Ethiopian SMEs through the mobilization of diaspora and private investment. In 2022 Ethiopian startups received about $8 million in funding compared to Kenya at $1.2 billion. Our mission it to change this by offering innovative Ethiopian SMEs an exclusive chance to acquire global expertise, mentorship, and secure long-term growth capital crucial for scaling their business endeavors. We are dedicated to generating opportunities for youth, prioritizing the promotion of high-quality jobs, particularly for women and youth. This is a collaboration between Pangea Accelerator and GIZ. We are currently looking to onboard more investors and partners.

Apply to our Investment Readiness Program today!

Are you an SME ready to unlock your growth potential? Are you passionate about developing innovative solutions that target pressing challenges of our time? Grab the chance to do so by applying to our investor readiness program today!


How will you benefit from the Program?

By joining our Program you will have access to:

  1. Comprehensive investment readiness assessment

  2. Pitch preparation and coaching

  3. Exposure to exclusive Diaspora Investor network

  4. Opportunity to secure funding after program completion

Selection Criteria

In operation for 1+


Clear potential and commitment for growth, job creation & positive impact

Annual revenue above


Openness and suitability for equity investment


Core management team

in place

Evidence of Market




Where should I send my application form?
All application forms must be submitted online via the provided application link.
Can I save and email my application form in a different format?
No, we only accept online submissions.
Can I apply if my business doesn't fit into any of the specified sectors?
Yes, you can apply as long as your business meets other criteria. Please select “other” from the drop-down list.
Is there an application fee?
No, there is no application fee
Are there additional documents required along with the application form?
At this stage of application, no additional documents are needed. However, you will be asked for company documents during later interview stages and will receive prior notification for this request.
How long is the program and what are the stages of involvement?
The Scale Ethiopia Program is a 2-year multi-stage programme. It begins with an application and selection process, followed by an investor readiness program, and continues with post-program support. The duration of each stage may vary, but the entire programme is designed to guide start-ups through their growth journey.
How can investors get involved with the Scale Ethiopia Program?
Investors passionate about driving innovation and seeking groundbreaking opportunities can become involved in several ways. You can share your expertise as advisors, or become essential funding partners. Additionally, you can provide information on industry trends and emerging technologies relevant to the project’s objectives. We invite you to connect with us to learn more about exciting collaboration prospects that align with your vision.
How do I get in touch with you in case of technical issues with my application or for program clarification?
For any technical issues, please send an email to

Apply to our Investment Readiness Program today!

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